So let's make some noise for Histio!

Each week check this site for the Weekly Histio Hit! Once a week we will have one item planned for all those wanting to make an impact for Histio! Instead of one by one sending out an e-mail or making a phone call, why not take them by storm?

Let's all join in and and flood one idea all at once! Whether it's e-mailing a Health TV show, contacting our State/Federal Government, Calling a National News Channel...anything we can do collectively to make them see US!

**It's Not Rare...
Just Rarely Diagnosed!**
Histo Hits! Histio Hits!Histio Hits!Histio Hits!Histio Hits!
For The Week Of:

October 7: Ok....SO...Robin Roberts is going througha Bone Marrow Transplant....She has a section titled "How can Robin Make A Difference For You?" so let's share with her that Histiocytosis (HLH and sometimes LCH) needs BMT's as well and we can support her as she fights and ask for her to support us as well as our children fight!!!
Go to  , offer your supporting words of encouragement, share your story of Histio and ask for help for our Warriors. She is battling a rare blood disease....and we have a rare blood disease...her's is cancer...ours is debated if it's cancer...smother her with love and pray it is returned! 

October 14: Now's the time to contact The Doctors! Here is the web address for the "Ask Our Doctors" section so...ask them! What causes Histio? What about research? What about diagnosing? Why haven't they had a show on this??? WILL THEY DO A SHOW ON THIS? Contact them this week!!!!!

October 21: For the next week let's e-mail the Dr. Oz Show and request they have a special show dedicated to Histiocytosis! The web site address to Share Your Story is:    I plan to have this as a Histio Hit often as to hope to spur an interest from the Dr. Oz Show and so they realize we aren't going away! Persistence and Numbers will make this happen!!!! Tell everyone that has or supports Histio to write today!!!!

October 28: Bill and Melinda  Gates Foundation has the following "Our Belief: Every person deserves the chance to live a healthy, productive life. We work to address the world's largest inequities, with a focus on global health, global development, and US education reform. Well Histio IS Global! Just Ignored. So tell them about it!
Hit 1: Write them
Main Office
PO Box 23350
Seattle, WA 98102
(206) 709-3100
Hit 2: Email them: 
Hit 3:
Hit 4:

November 4: Dr. Richard Besser is from He's on facebook too:) SO...why not leave him a comment on his facebook page and tell him A.) about Histio B.) to do a report on histio (whether it's on GMA or World News or online!) C.)  We Need His Help to reach the doctors and patients dealing with histio! is his facebook page:)

November 11: 

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Steps For Histio:
In February 2012 we had a large group go to New York City for Liam's Lighthouse Foundation's Histio Awareness Campaign. It was an amazing time in which we were able to get the Faces of Histio on the Today Show, Dr. Filipovich was interviewed for a brief moment Live on the Today Show, and we were able to get information on Histio into the hands of Dr. Oz!

Dr. Richard Besser (ABC News) is looking for opportunities to share stories of patients living with, Doctors treating, and Researchers studying Rare Diseases!

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